What is the role of socialization in racism? Is it possible to believe in invidualism and not assume everyone has the same opportunities? My reflections on Robin Diangelo’s White Fragility.

My Fault

So, today, this week, and for the rest of your life, accept that you can make a difference. That it is your obligation and privilege to speak out, shout, for those without a voice or those whose voices have been oppressed.

‘Good’ White People

I can no longer be remain quiet about racism, or sit at the back of the civil rights bus, because this is my problem. My family perpetuated it. It’s my responsibility to end it. On my watch.

Raised Racist

Racism, homophobia, and all those other prejudices doesn’t just harm people of color, the LGBTQIA community, or the disabled. While those groups bear the heavy burden of discrimination, prejudice hurts white people, too. Especially the children growing up in those homes.

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